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Table for One? follows two couples over the course of a year, from their breakthroughs to their breakdowns.  A comedy about sexual politics.

The Pink House

Madam Carmel welcomes you into Australia’s oldest working brothel.

The town of Kalgoorlie is a relic of the goldrush, built on ‘gold, girls, and grog’. In its midst is Questa Casa, the oldest working brothel in Australia. Run by the exceedingly proper Madam Carmel, the brothel is struggling, not helped by the charismatic yet troubled working girl BJ. Their unique stories tell of two women at odds with the modern world and epitomise the thorny debate surrounding the sex industry.

Chan & Dee's Drink Tank
           6 x 10 web series
Chan & Didi 2.jpg


Beauty salon proprietor Chanel is feeling invisible at 50, so she creates her very own chat show. She enlists the help of her old school pals from Kinkytoppers Ladies College to co- host the show. But as the past catches up with Chanel and the set erupts in mayhem, Chan's dark roots are exposed.

A comedy about women of a certain age.

Starring Helen O'Connor as Chanel
Directed by Claire Haywood


With Tracy Mann, Rhonda Doyle, Louise McCabe, Di Smith,  Linden Wilkinson, Suzie Dougherty, Deborah Galanos, Dina Panozzo, Sue Smithers, Nicole Warner and Emily Weare.

Created by Helen O'Connor, Claire Haywood & Louise McCabe

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